Ladies and Gentlemen, We served our Government and our Commanders as we were requested to do. It's now time for us to serve ourselves and our mates. Putting aside personal ego and doing all we can for each other.


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           3 RAR SA Association Incorporated                  

              PO Box 458   Glenside  SA 5065


3 RAR SA Association Inc. is a not-for-profit initiative for the benefit of those members who have served in 3 RAR and who are currently serving with 3 RAR. What we provide here will underpin the value of our past service and the value of our current service.

Family members and those who have empathy with the Association’s objectives are also welcome to join the Association as ‘Associate’ members.

The 3 RAR SA Association was created to respond to the challenges and needs of the membership and will focus on the following themes:


To honour and preserve the memory of those who died in the service of Australia whilst on Active Service with 3 RAR.                                                

To honour and respect all who served and are serving with 3 RAR.                                                           

To perpetuate the mateship and fraternal environment established within the Battalion through the uniqueness of service in the Regiment.             

To preserve the traditions and ideals of 3 RAR and those of The Royal Australian Regiment.   

To foster camaraderie within our membership.


At our March 2010 AGM, the floor moved and seconded a motion (unanimously carried), to place a $10 per annum fee upon all membership categories. The Membership funds raised will assist the Association to provide for the Web-Site and for a minimum of three ‘In Touch’ Magazines per year to all financial members.

A detailed account of the Association’s aims and objectives can be found on our website at Refer to;

‘Constitution of the Association’.                                               

We invite and encourage comment from the membership regarding the ongoing development of the Association.


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Ladies & Gentlemen, given the cost of postage it would be appreciate if members could check the membership card renewal date and pay your membership by EFT. If you are unsure of EFT go to the Post Office or your Bank and they will assist you. Please include your surname and member number in the transaction. Thank you.


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