Centennial Park 26 May 2017 Combined Memorial Service 


Kapyong Day 2017, With Delta Coy 3RAR 1st tour South Vietnam 1967-68










Unfortunately this is now becoming all too common within our younger Veteran community.



Raymond Grima (7 RAR) has been to a number of functions at Burnside RSL, you may have met him with some of his  mates. Ray bought the flag off me, so he could show it to his NON ex 3 RAR mates. whilst in Iraq, he is proud to have served with 3 RAR.
Hey Neville 

I hope this email finds you well mate ? I've been back from Iraq since 1st Dec and just home on leave atm.

Sorry its taken me so long to get this photo to you. 

In the photo is left to right 

SGT Tim Fitzgerald ( me ) CPL Ray grima CPL Kyle McCurdy all Ex 3RAR at the Tank grave yard at Taji military complex just north of Baghdad  

I was thinking the flag might go well back at Burnside house ! but yet me know.

I hope 2017 is off to a great start for you mate !







Wheels Craige Dave Dennis The team at Bunnings Easter Sunday